India Video

Take a quick trip over to the Salon Interiors Facebook page and you can get a look at what riding a motorcycle through India’s Himalayan mountains is like with the view from the boss’s GoPro camera.

He had the camera running pretty much the whole trip so we took some of the highlights and edited it down to just about three minutes. You’ll get views of the road conditions, some of the scenery and the almost total lack of guardrails on some very skinny roads through mountain passes.

Some of Walter’s GoPro video of his India motorcycle trip.

Salon Interiors Hair Clipper Holder

Salon Interiors is introducing our latest accessory for the completely outfitted salon.

The Salon Interiors Hair Clipper Holder comes complete with two mounting screws and wall anchors. Four screw holes ensures that you can mount it on either wall or cabinet edge.
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Finished in bright chrome, the clipper holder is the perfect addition to your styling tool organization at the styling station. It keeps your hair clippers securely within reach without the risk of them being knocked down and damaged.

Beauty Salons In India

Our esteemed leader Walter just got back from a three week motorcycle ride through the Himalayas in India. Most of this trip was “off road” or at least on roads that were less than what we’re used to in the United States when it comes to paving and guard rails.

Walter’s Motorcycle Trip To India

Photographed In: India
Description: Walter on the highest motorable roadway in the world.

While he was traveling through some of the smaller and less developed towns along the way, he happened to find a few local beauty salons and he took photos for us. There’s no way to describe the differences in what he found compared to the salons that we design and furnish.

Deepak Hair Style

Beauty Salon In India - #1
Photographed In: India
Description: India Beauty Salon #1

Sonu Haircutting

Beauty Salon In India - #2
Photographed In: India
Description: India Beauty Salon #2

Neha Beauty Saloon

Beauty Salon In India - #3
Photographed In: India
Description: India Beauty Salon #3

Shashi Beauty Saloon

Beauty Salon In India - #4
Photographed In: India
Description: India Beauty Salon #4

The services they offer do look very familiar however and it would seem that massage of the face and head are very popular.

Salon Furniture Packages

Salon Interiors Complete Beta Salon PackageDid you know that Salon Interiors offers complete salon equipment packages?
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Salon Interiors has decades of experience in designed and outfitting salons and spas and will stay with you for every step in the process from the day you pick your colors to the day you open your doors.

The Beta Complete Salon Furniture Package includes Four Swift Styling Stations, Two Backwash Shampoo Units, Four Falcon Styling Chairs, Two Libre Backwash Shampoo Units and a Selique Portable Pole Hair Dryer.
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The Tulsa Desk – Salon Interiors Product Spotlight

Salon Interiors Tulsa Reception Desk

The Tulsa Desk from Salon Interiors brings affordable luxury to any salon environment. Featuring a storage shelf under the generously sized workspace and drawer, the Tulsa Desk is in stock in our standard colors: maple, pear, cherry, almond, white and black. The entire Tulsa collection can also be customized with additional features and laminates depending on your own style.

The Tulsa Reception Desk is part of Salon Interiors Tulsa Collection line of salon and commercial furniture.
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