WoodTrac By Sauder

A Better Ceiling Is Now An Option

Add character, dimension and color to any room with the revolutionary WoodTrac® Ceiling System from Sauder. WoodTrac® uses patent pending clips to fit over suspended ceiling grids and give you the look of a custom crafted wood ceiling.

With three color options and three molding styles, WoodTrac® offers a stylish and dramatic alternative to impersonal acoustical tiles.

Amicus Green Building Center Affirms WoodTrac® Ceilings & Closets as Sustainable

The Amicus Green Building Center is a home improvement store marketing exclusively sustainable home and building products. WoodTrac® ceilings and closets recently passed the Amicus Green Building Center's rigorous approvals process and are now available for distribution through the Center.

As the popularity and demand for sustainable and green building products has grown, so have manufacturer claims of sustainability throughout the industry. Consumers need to know for certain that the products they are purchasing actually meet sustainability and green building standards.

Environmentally savvy consumers shopping for attractive and affordable ceiling and closet products such as our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody-certified WoodTrac ceilings, can be confident that when they purchase a WoodTrac product, they are purchasing a certified green building product.

WoodTrac, committed to manufacturing and marketing green products that promote health and safety at home, is pleased to work together with the Amicus Green Building Center.

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  • Works With Most Existing Or New Metal Grid Systems
    • (9/16", 15/16" or 1" Wide Grid)
  • Converts Existing 2' x 4' Grid To 2' x 2' With No Additional Parts
  • Maintains Overhead Ulitity Access
  • Makes Any Room Or Space Look Like A Mansion
  • Gives The Looks Of A Custom Crafted Ceiling At A Practical Price

A Salon Interiors Exclusive!

Exclusive Ceiling Tiles Image One
SM2-215 Lacquer Tile Detail
SM2-320 Recycled Tile Detail
V3-MAD-22 Coffered Tile Detail
V3-MAD-22 (Coffered)
5" Recommended Clearance
Exclusive Ceiling Tiles Image Two
SM2-210 Chrome Tile Detail
SM2-207 Copper Tile Detail
CP13-WH-SP Molding Tile Detail
3.25" Pojection

Wood Trac Standard Colors/Styles

Molding Profiles

Wood Trac Molding Styles
Colonial Cove Teardrop

Panel And Molding Finishes

Abbey Oak Tile Detail
Abbey Oak
Bank Alder Tile Detail
Bank Alder
Paintable Finish Tile Detail
Knock Down Texture Tile Detail
Knock Down Texture