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Assorted Salon Furnishings - Showroom Display Models - Discontinued Items

Salon Interiors offers a wide variety of salon equipment designed to fit most tastes and budgets. Our Tulsa Styling Furniture Collection is a cost-effective and stylish alternative to a used furniture purchase.

Salon Interiors is no longer accepting used salon furniture as a trade in on a new purchase. Due to our wood shop expansions and the addition of more complex and sizable wood working equipment, we no longer have the storage space available.

Please call our offices and lets us help you find the right solution to your salon furniture needs.


Everything is sold as is, cash and carry out that same day. Delivery can be arranged.
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1 Unit Available - As Is

1 Unit Available

1 Unit Available

1 Woodgrain Unit Available

Black Only - Several Pieces In Stock

1 Unit Available

4 Units Available

1 Unit Available

94" Tall - 2 Units Available

G6T5 - Germicidal Tube Lamp
G6T5 - Germicidal Tube Lamp Thumbnail Photo
Price: $10.00

>> Replacement Neon Tube Lamp

Visionary Television Wall Mount
Visionary Television Wall Mount Thumbnail Photo
Price: $35.00

>> Holds Up To 13 Pounds

Basica Shampoo Chair
Basica Shampoo Chair Thumbnail Photo
Price: $99.00

>> Discontinued - 5 Pieces Left

Floor Mat - Clearance
Floor Mat - Clearance Thumbnail Photo
Price: $125.00

>> Slate Grey Only - Three (3) Units Available

Salon Dryer Chair
Salon Dryer Chair Thumbnail Photo
Price: $150.00

>> Used Dryer Chair - maroon vinyl

Shuffle Pedicure Seat
Shuffle Pedicure Seat Thumbnail Photo
Price: $150.00

>> Comfort For Client And Technician

Towel Steamer And Warmer
Towel Steamer And Warmer Thumbnail Photo
Price: $175.00

>> Keep Towels And Wrap Sheets Client Ready

Europa No. 3401
Europa No. 3401 Thumbnail Photo
Price: $199.00

>> Wood and anodized aluminum

Antique Style Mirror
Antique Style Mirror Thumbnail Photo
Price: $300.00

>> Gold Finish

Base Mount Shampoo Bowl
Base Mount Shampoo Bowl Thumbnail Photo
Price: $300.00

>> cabinet or countertop mount

2000-550 Shampoo Bowl - Clearance
2000-550 Shampoo Bowl - Clearance Thumbnail Photo
Price: $492.00

>> Overstock - 5 Units Available

Regent 2 Styling Station
Regent 2 Styling Station Thumbnail Photo
Price: $575.00

>> Wall Mounted Station


Any Styling Station In Our Clearance Section Is Available And Priced Without A Mirror.