How To Save Money
Install a hair trap and prevent plumbing clogs. Retrieve dropped objects with no expensive plumber's bills.
Salon Interiors Cast Iron Hair Trap

Salon Interiors Cast Iron Hair Trap

  • Fits Most Shampoo Sinks
  • Prevents Hair Clogs
Normally $145.00

On Sale: $116.00

Quick Clean Hair Trap #0628

  • Collect solids for easy removal.
  • Hair trap keeps pipes clean of clogged hair and debris.

Normally $40.00
On Sale: $32.00

Salon Sink PVC Hair Trap #330

  • PVC "Catch All" Hair Trap
  • Fits all shampoo bowls.
Normally $29.50

On Sale: $23.60

Catch All Hair Trap

  • Double Sized Capacity
  • Prevents loss of small dropped objects.
Normally 56.00

On Sale: $44.80

Cast Iron Hair/Lint Interceptor #333 - Green

  • Easily clean clogged drains.
  • Retrieve dropped objects from waste pipes.
Normally: $265.00
On Sale: $212.00