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Professional Laundry Equipment

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LaundryLux Crossover Washer And Dryer


The Crossover washer is a new class of washing machine that is revolutionizing the industry. Crossover is superior in every way to other home style washers on the market. It’s truly in a class by itself. Crossover is the ideal choice for smaller OPL operations. It’s also a great complement to our popular large capacity brands, Electrolux and Wascomat.

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Miele Professional

Miele Little Giant Washer And Dryer


Laundry is a daily battle for any salon or spa. Getting oils, scrubs, lotions and chemicals out of towels, robes and smocks takes more than just a residential use washer and dryer. Washers and dryer designed for the home can't possibly reach the temperatures needed to dissolve the products used in the industry. Miele washers and dryers can and do.

The Benefits Of Commercial Grade VS. Residential Laundry Systems

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