A New Type Of Salon

An interesting article on USA Today's website caught the attention of our designer Milton Santos.

The article begins with a new salon in midtown Manhattan that is complete with little luxuries, such as champagne, cookies and fresh fruit nibbles for clients. Called Drybar, this salon is not the place to go if you need a color change or trim because they only perform blow drying services.

Disclosure time: the Salon Interiors computer geek is a girl. I'm not a stylist though I have one in the family. From the perspective of being a client, I know what I like in a salon and I can combine that with what I see in the trade magazines as well as from my daughter's point of view.

I love this idea.

Sure, I can and do my own blow outs but it's work and it never comes out quite as nice as when I have it done by a professional. Plus, my hair is very curly and I'm never really happy with how the back looks when I do it myself. A place to pop in and get a quick blow dry? I would be all over that idea. Getting a little pampering and attention in a quick visit would help tone down the stress of the day.

My daughter has a couple of "regulars" that come in a couple times a week just to get a blow dry. It's one of her favorite services to provide for clients because the results are instant and always just what the client wanted. Everyone feels good when they get out of the chair and she gets to share in all that positive energy.

If someone could open a gym with a pool next to a blow dry salon down the street from a Starbucks, now that would be my own personal heaven.

Read the article at USAToday.com and let us know what you think.

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