Salons Of The Past

We've been cleaning out our files and doing a little reorganizing around the office. We came across boxes and boxes of old slides and we've been scanning them into the computer. Take a look at the history of Salon Interiors

These photos are scans of the old slides we would show during client meetings back in the 80s. Styles have changed by there are still timeless elements to the furniture designs. Enjoy this glimpse into the past of Salon Interiors.

Hair Salons

Nail Salons

We Love The 80's

International Beauty Show
At the International Beauty Show, long ago in a forgotten time called the 80's. Boy, we loved the 80's.

Modern Salon Magazine
Walter and Rich at the Modern Salon party, the photo ran in the September 1987 issue of Modern Salon.

Paterson Shop - Salon Interiors
A couple of newpapers articles about our opening a new woodshop in Paterson New Jersey to complement our offices and showroom in Hackensack NJ. We've since opened a single all inclusive office/showroom/woodshop in South Hackensack and expect to be here for a very very long time.