An Inspiring Evening of Hope and Spirit.. Meet Matt Geisser

A Big Thank You to Salon Interiors and Fighting the Good Fight  .. Kerry Hines 

Matt Geisser Event

He's a 20 year old from Hanover Park, New Jersey, now a junior at Towson University. He's battling a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. His former high school held an amazing fundraiser in his honor in their gymnasium. Salon Interiors, Salon & Spa Furniture, was able to donate the use of their styling chairs for those who would be getting their hair buzzed to show support for Matt.

Listening to Matt Geisser speak at his extraordinary event, you’d never know how serious his situation is.  He’s still in the midst of being treated and was able to be present He was surrounded by his family in a room full of friends, family and many supporters made up of volunteers, the media and folks who just care about community and those in it.  Matt’s demeanor at the event was very positive and instead of passing out cold handshakes, grabbed everyone he met with a personal hug.  Like many, he seems to believe in the power of positive energy and what emanates from each of our spirits.

I’m so proud to be part of the Salon Interiors family in taking part of this extraordinary community event.  I was very proud to see so many already making use of the salon chairs that were donated for use during the event.  Those chairs really transformed that gym space in to a makeshift hair salon with a purpose.

The evening also included several great ideas to raise funds and awareness. I was able to pick up  a couple of tee-shirts and take a peek at their social media wall.  The social media wall displayed those who used their established hashtags #TeamGeisser #ImwithGeisser to comment about the event.  They also had a separate room set up for food, a bagpipe band and a DJ.

I’m told they are on the trajectory to raise about $25,000 and that is just the beginning effort that’s needed for something like this.  If you would like to help out, please do.  You’ll be glad you did.

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..Big Thanks to Matt Geisser and his amazing family, Milton Santos, Walter Siegordner, the event organizers and  Chrissy Gibbs for her amazing support.


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