SOS – North Jersey

Salon Interiors was contacted several months ago by Modern Salon’s Maggie Mulhern to help a Northern New Jersey Woman’s Shelter.

Previously, Maggie walked into to the shelter’s office and saw hair being done in a corner without a sink, styling station or chair and told them she’d get them a salon.

Louis Benevento of Salon Interiors met with Maggie at the location where Strengthen Our Sisters wanted to furnish a small salon. Residents can get their hair done as part of SOS’s program to help woman and children.

SOS houses over 120 Families. All of their work and housing is done through private donations. There is no State or Federal money since they help residents get back on their feet quickly.

All hair services are done strictly for their residents free of charge.

SOS - Salon Furniture
Salon Interiors worked with Modern Salon Magazine to equip SOS in New Jersey with new salon furniture.

On June 6, 2018 we installed two styling stations, a shampoo bowl and hair dryer, all of which were donated by Salon Interiors. It was a feel great moment to see smiles on faces once we were done.

As we post our updates on our social media for you all to see, Salon Interiors asks our Facebook Salon Owners and Stylist to help SOS.

Look around your space, closets maybe even your wallets. We will be accepting donations on behalf of Strengthen Our Sisters since we can’t publish their address for safety concerns of the residents.

Five dollars, a few back-bar hair products, capes, combs, etc. Donations would be brought to SOS on your behalf.