Storage Cabinetry

Storage Cabinetry

Supply Room, Utility and Storage Cabinets

Salon Interiors can design the dispensary, storage or employee area that best suits you, your space and the services you provide to your clients while providing function to the employee. Please call for a consultation. Below is a small sample of the types of cabinetry we offer.

Salon Interiors stocks a variety of finishes, including custom colors, textures, and major laminate manufacturers in order to best design the cabinetry you dream of having in your salon. We can also accommodate your needs for plumbing, sinks and appliances.

These cabinets are available through our showroom only. Commercial cabinetry can be custom designed to suit your needs and space availability. Call us at 1-800-642-4205.

36C Dispensary Cabinet36C Dispensary Cabinet, Open View

36C Dispensary - 7'H x 36"W x 21"D

Dispensary With Color Tube Rack

Dispensary With Color Tube Rack

Storage or Break Room Cabinetry

Storage/Break Room Cabinetry

Dispensary With Sink

Dispensary With Sinks

Salon or Office Storage With Product Display

Salon Or Office Storage With Product Display

Many of the products featured on this page are displayed in our South Hackensack showroom.
All floor models in our showroom are available for immediate purchase.