Salon Interiors blend art, architecture and cabinetry with detail-oriented project management to offer you the very best in the industry. For over 20 years we have been leaders in providing step by step in-house service. We can take you every step of the way, from plans to construction documentation, to manufacturing, to delivery and installation.

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There are many benefits to the NEW head and neck support accessory for ultimate washbasin comfort.

Our HeadBed will revolutionize your client’s comfort, safety and care whilst at the shampoo bowl. HeadBed is a small head support platform built into a rubber neck cushion that sits on the shampoo bowl. It is designed to support the head at the heaviest point, the occipital bone so your clients can lay back, relax and enjoy pre-service shampoos, treatments and post-treatments.

No support, can cause pain and injury – a person’s posture at a shampoo bowl is not natural and the client is forced to lie at an unusual angle, this can cause pain and strain the client’s neck, spine and back muscles. To assist in avoiding the potential of a neck injury, HeadBed is a must-have on all shampoo bowls across America.

Maria and Heather from Hair Salon Body and Soul

One thing we love is to have satisfied and happy clients. Nothing is better for a business than knowing that they are well thought of in the community.

You can view several videos of our past clients and hear about their experience with Salon Interiors.

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Lighting Design Services

Anyone that's ever looked into a hotel bathroom mirror understands why the right lighting is vital in a salon environment. Everything depends on the right lighting for both the client and the stylist.

Too dark and you can't see colors properly or judge your cutting position. Too light and the customer will see themselves as washed out or highlight every imperfection, either real or imagined. No beauty professional wants their clients to see their work judged unfairly because the light didn't fall right.

Photographers know that light can make or break a scene. Let our designers show you the difference it will make for you and your salon space.

Custom Designed Pedicure Area

There are almost infinite choices available to the salon owner that would like to offer pedicure services to their clientele.

The Salon Interiors Design Team can offer you their years of experience in salon interior design to maximize your options and meet your budget.

We carry both complete pedicure chairs, most with heat and massage, all the necessary extra equipment such as operator seating, organizational carts, all the way to polish dryers to make sure that your clients leave with their pedicures intact.

Beyond what you can see in any online catalog, we also offer custom designed pedicure furniture that matches your vision and the mood of your salon environment.

We work closely with our customers to make sure that they have the best possible equipment choices at their disposal and that the pedicure services they offer meet the needs of their clients and creates a safe workspace for the operator.

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Custom Design Break Room Cabinets

If you're in the market for a space for your employees to sit and take their coffee break or have lunch, Salon Interiors is the premiere manufacturer of commercial cabinetry in the tri-state area.

Members of the Cabinet Makers Association, the Architectural Woodwork Institute, and the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, Salon Interiors maintains a fully outfitted cabinet shop with both the latest in computerized woodworking equipment and skilled craftsman to provide you with the right commercial cabinet solutions.

Call us today at 1-800-642-4205 and let us review your plans and build you casework made to suit your architectural specifications.

Salon Parts and Accessories

Rather than wait till the last-minute plan in advance without spending a fortune. Keep parts on hand that typically need to be replaced in the salon.

Vacuum breaker rebuild kits – simple internal parts that take a few minutes to remove and replace.

Shampoo hoses – keep one or two on hand

Dryer filters – purchase pre-cut or match up thickness buy large piece to cut from Home Depot.

Hydraulic base rings – Pick up one or two. Just need to know manufacturer of the base.

Sink strainer – These disappear. Have no idea where they go but we sell a lot of them.

Extra shampoo chair covers so when they finally tear from rubbing on the edge of the bowl.

Keep a small tool box on hand, you never know when you need to repair something. (pliers, small and larger Philips and slotted screw drivers, hammer,

Loctite – we do not sell this but we use it every day. Instead of constantly tightening up loose bolts on foot rests, hydraulic bases. Just a drop or two of blue color Loctite and forget it. This thread locking product is used by mechanics and manufacturers when they build their products.

A meat probe thermometer (example: Amazon) can be used to check your hair dryer’s temperature. Set dryer on high heat run a few minutes with the probe in one of the holes of the dryer hood. Temperature should be around 130 degrees.

We carry most parts for many domestically manufactured brands.

Call us today at 1-800-642-4205 and ask for Louis, buy over $50.00 worth of emergency parts receive 10% off.

New York State Logo

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that new ventilation requirements to protect workers and customers in nail salons statewide went into effect October 2016. Nail salon ventilation systems must meet the standard set by the 2015 International Mechanical Code, which contains specific ventilation requirements for nail salons and any other businesses that provide nail services, such as hair salons.

All businesses offering nail services must provide ventilation to capture and exhaust harmful contaminates, fumes and particles, away from clients and workers.

Read the Press Release from Governor Cuomo.

for guidelines to the New York State regulations.

"I have a smallish space in an office building on the second floor. Would it be a better idea to have a larger area for product sales or a small treatment room?"

Retail sales are successful in salons due to many different factors. Since you are not in a location that's visible to passing foot traffic, I would recommend that you focus on making more services available to your clients and go with the treatment room.

We've started getting calls about the damage that people have suffered because of the hurricane. Milton, our lead designer has met with a couple of salon owners and toured their businesses and we're working with them to get them back up and running so that hopefully they can move forward for their employees and their customers.

It's been so heartbreaking to see the destruction of so much and realize just what people have lost. But Jersey is strong and we'll get through this together.

We are still offering appraisal services so that you can have an accurate figure to give to your insurance company. Salon Interiors is fully operational and staffed. Call us and we'll do whatever we can to get your business open with the least amount of headaches.

The Red Cross is a great way to help if you are in an area that didn't suffer the double storms on the east coast. Every little bit makes things better. If you were affected by Sandy, they can help you with finding essentials.

Contact The Red Cross