As part of the 2017 International Beauty Show in New York, Salon Interiors conducted a contest to award a full color lab storage/work cabinet with an inset sink and tons of storage for color and towels. Our lucky winner has been announced and Louis Benevento traveled to Freehold NJ to give owner Gena Wagner of Illusions Hair Salon & Spa the happy news!

Congratulations Gena!

It's coming time again for a really superior trade show for the beauty industry.

It's time for Premiere Orlando at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center from June 3-5, 2017 on June 3rd through the 5th!

Held in Winter Springs Florida, Premier Orlando features top names in the industry as well as competitions and special events. Salon Interiors will be there in booth #5686 introducing some new products at special show pricing and getting a chance to meet new friends.

You can find all the information you need at their website and on their Facebook page.

Join the fun at  Premiere Orlando!
Join us at Premiere Orlando!

If you're attending the International Hair And Beauty Show at the Meadowlands Expo Center today, be sure to stop by our booth and say hi to Milton and Al.

They were there yesterday and said they were having a really great time getting to meet and chat with people. It's a fun show geared towards ethnic hair styling. If you're involved in this industry this is the show to attend in New Jersey for multi-cultural salon services.

International Hair and Beauty Show
Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive
Seacaucus, NJ

Here's some of the photos we took at the beauty show and you can find lots more on our Facebook page! Salon Interiors Facebook

Salon Interiors IBS Booth
Our spot at the International Beauty Show
Hair Demos At The IBSNY Show
Go Big Or Go Home seems to be the theme of this years hair demos.
Late Day, IBSNY
At the end of the day, the lobby fills up with people checking out their purchases, most of the after taking off their shoes.

Visit Salon Interiors at the International Hair and Beauty Show, May 20 & 21, 2012
The Largest Multicultural Show
Meadowlands Expo Center, New Jersey
Booth #402

This is one not to miss!

This educational trade show offers the newest and most advanced approach to the professional market in salon retailing, education, and distribution.

IHS is the largest multicultural show in the country. Our professional team's slogan is "Back to Education" for the educational development of our cosmetologists. Professionalism and education are essential to the continued success and growth of the health and beauty aids industry.

Salon Interiors partnered up with a first time visitor to the International Beauty Show this year to get her impressions of the event. We followed along as a "visitor"
and let her direct our attention to what she was interested in and what caught her eye.

Samantha is 22 years old, a licensed stylist, works in a local salon and is still building her client list and skills. She's been to some smaller local trade shows for the beauty industry, but this was her first time at a large venue such as the IBS.

She was very impressed with the ease we experienced during the check in process. There were several members of the show staff on hand in the entry lobby to direct you and answer questions. This was very appreciated since she was unsure where to begin. Wristbands acquired, we made our way to the main floor of the show.

"Wow, it is really huge" was Samantha's first impression. She didn't expect to make it all the way through in one visit. She was also very surprised by some of her fellow attendees because she had been forewarned that this would involve a lot of walking and she had chosen to wear flat, comfortable shoes. For everyone else that was similarly attired, there were two other people wearing sky high, needle point heels. She mentioned blisters in a bemused sort of voice and we headed over to the Salon Interiors booth to check in, drop off our coats and see if the show staff needed anything.

As we left the company display booth, we decided that we would use the "grid" layout of the show floor to see as much as possible and be sure we didn't miss anything. On the way to the furthest corner of the show, several things caught her eye and we made note of a few booths that we would be sure to stop at as we came back to them.

To be continued...

This is a continuation of the story we began yesterday where one of our staff accompanied a first time visitor to the International Beauty Show in New York City.

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Amazing

Our first stop was at a booth that unfortunately for Samantha, didn't apply to her position at the salon. The staff at the Demandforce booth greeted us and explained their product and Samantha explained that she was not a salon owner, and they were still gracious and excited for her when she explained that this was her first visit to the show. They asked about her job, what she enjoyed about it and if she had hopes that someday she would have salon of her own. The salon software that they were promoting did seem very complete and also included guidance on social media, something that is so important to any business these days. What really impressed us however was their staff. Even with the knowledge that Samantha wouldn't be a prospective client in the foreseeable future they were personable and engaged and seemed truly interested in what she had to say. The displays on the monitors around showed a very easy user interface and combined with the interaction with their staff, our conversation with Demandforce helped get our visit off to a very pleasant start. There are people out that that understand sales and promotion involved more than "close the deal right now" and with any luck, Samantha will have her own business one day and they already have a possible client because they were nice to her at a trade show. Can't beat that.

Scissors Scissors Scissors

One of the things Samantha had wanted from the trip was a new pair of shears. There was certainly no lack displays from manufacturers, but there was a notable difference in attitude from the Demandforce booth. when it was apparent that Samantha was a new stylist and shears for hundreds of dollars were out of her range, she was dismissed out of hand. No planting seeds for the future with most of the booths we stopped to look at, even though it was apparent that she would work towards upgrading her equipment as she was able. One salesman actually snorted at her when she said she couldn't afford it yet. Though I don't think she heard it, I did. Not impressive at all.

Oh Shiny!

At the Eye Kandy booth we were greeted by a gentleman very enthusiastically demonstrating their products. Glitter shadows that use something they call "Liquid Sugar" adhesive to apply. After asking how we would get it off again (regular make up remover) Samantha sat down for a demo application. We liked the effect of the thin glittery silver eyeliner, but really figured she'd blink three times and it would be on her cheekbones. Deciding walk around a bit more before she would or wouldn't purchase it, we gave it a trial run. After an hour, no moving sparklies and the line was still glittery and in place. She actually reached up and rubbed along her eyelashes, the glitter did not shift or transfer to her fingertip. This was a must have item for her and she took advantage of the show deal to buy 25 colors that she could pick out herself. That was definitely the "fun" purchase of the day. She also reported that it did indeed come off very easily with her usual remover.

A couple of stops to buy some hair clips and a t-shirt. Tomorrow, samples, a couple of must stop at booths that worked out well and a couple that didn't and her impression of the stage shows.

Part One

Part Two

One of the exhibitors that Samantha absolutely needed to visit was the Moroccanoil booth. She was already familiar with their products through her salon, wanted to stock up her own supplies and was determined to get me to purchase their Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. It was very difficult not to buy one of everything at this booth. I have to say Samantha was right about the curl cream as well. My hair has never been softer and there's not a trace of frizz.

We looked at hair extensions, something that Samantha would like to introduce to her salon. She was impressed with the display at Ludis. The staff was happy to give her lots of information to take back to her boss. The vibrancy of the hair colors plus the "feel" of the extensions was the attraction to this brand.

One of Sam's must stop booths was Chi. Sadly, they didn't have a small enough flat iron and finding someone to answer questions was difficult. We did look a quite a few tool manufacturers and she ended up at the Hot Tools display. She's familiar with the brand and the salesman was really enthused about his products. He answered questions, debated the merits of spring vs. Marcel and demonstrated different techniques. She ended up with new Hot Tools.

We stopped to watch a few of the stage shows and she marveled at the theatrics of the stage stylists. We did have a good laugh at one show, where the model must have been a volunteer and was sitting with the most terrified and unhappy facial expression. We wondered if she had known what she was in for because the stylist was cutting "with flair". Speed seemed to be the focus of that demonstration, but neither of us was sure that accuracy and style figured into the equation. We hope the day ended well for that model. It seemed if you really wanted to learn something about a technique or tool it was better to visit the low key booth demonstrations. The big stage shows were about flash.

Despite a few down notes, Sam enjoyed her first major trade show. The people who really cared about the people they were selling to were the ones that got her business. We ended up with shears in a couple of varieties, curling irons, product, make up, a new loyal customer for Moroccanoil (that would be me), some hair clips, t-shirts, samples of all kinds and sizes and lots of information to bring back to her boss.

We do wish someone would explain one thing to us though. What do women on stilts wearing underwear have to do with hair styling tools?

Salon Interiors booth at the International Beauty Show in New York City, 2011.

IBS2011 1
IBS2011 2
IBS2011 3
IBS2011 4

Don't forget to stop by our booth #1868 At The International Beauty Show, April 22-24, 2012 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City. We'll be introducing a newly designed reception desk as well as announcing our new relationship with Shine Designs!!

Many people are familiar with the amazing salon attire that Shine Designs is famous for, and now you can find it at

They feature stylist aprons and protective coverups with their Zip/Zip pockets. Finally, you can keep tools handy and not end up with a collection of hair at the end of the day. Zippered both on top, as well as the bottom of the pocket it's a truly revolutionary idea in stylist apparel. If you haven't checked them out, you really need to visit with us!

We'll have sample and a Shine representative in our booth and we're looking forward to this exciting show.