Salon Interiors blend art, architecture and cabinetry with detail-oriented project management to offer you the very best in the industry. For over 20 years we have been leaders in providing step by step in-house service. We can take you every step of the way, from plans to construction documentation, to manufacturing, to delivery and installation.

Call us at 1-800-642-4205 to let us help you design the salon of your dreams.

There are many benefits to the NEW head and neck support accessory for ultimate washbasin comfort.

Our HeadBed will revolutionize your client’s comfort, safety and care whilst at the shampoo bowl. HeadBed is a small head support platform built into a rubber neck cushion that sits on the shampoo bowl. It is designed to support the head at the heaviest point, the occipital bone so your clients can lay back, relax and enjoy pre-service shampoos, treatments and post-treatments.

No support, can cause pain and injury – a person’s posture at a shampoo bowl is not natural and the client is forced to lie at an unusual angle, this can cause pain and strain the client’s neck, spine and back muscles. To assist in avoiding the potential of a neck injury, HeadBed is a must-have on all shampoo bowls across America.

Custom Design Break Room Cabinets

If you're in the market for a space for your employees to sit and take their coffee break or have lunch, Salon Interiors is the premiere manufacturer of commercial cabinetry in the tri-state area.

Members of the Cabinet Makers Association, the Architectural Woodwork Institute, and the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, Salon Interiors maintains a fully outfitted cabinet shop with both the latest in computerized woodworking equipment and skilled craftsman to provide you with the right commercial cabinet solutions.

Call us today at 1-800-642-4205 and let us review your plans and build you casework made to suit your architectural specifications.

Having the right tools for the job makes everything run smoother. This includes the environment of your workspace. Keeping things organized means less time lost and higher productivity.

One of the way that Salon Interiors helps you achieve your goals is to custom design the furnishings you need for your salon.

The construction of cabinetry built to match the area, rather than trying to fit ready made equipment purchased from a catalog means there's no wasted space.

Call 1-800-642-4205 to see the range of options in materials and colors, with additional options that ensure that your professional furniture works for you!

Salon furniture by its very nature must be able to work and work hard. Stations need ample storage for the supplies a stylist needs to function as well as access to electricity, a safe place for hot tool storage and of course, an attractive mirror for the client.

Salon Interiors understands what the successful salon requires in the furniture they select for their business. Premium hardware that will stand up to constant use, finishes designed to resist staining by chemical styling products, properly grounded electrical outlets - all very necessary to handle the day to day operations of the business.

In addition, different services require different features in the furniture. Design styling stations for hair coloring, blow drying or make up application with various levels of options to compliment the service being offered.

Come by our offices or call and speak to a designer and let us show you the almost endless choices in style available for your salon.

You can also take a look at some previous designs in our salon photo gallery or our styling station catalog.

Hair Salon Body & Soul Reception Area

The first thing anyone entering a business will see is most often their reception desk.

Reception desks visually introduce your clients to your business and sets the first impression of the world you are trying to create.

Salon Interiors can custom design your reception desk with an almost endless choice of finishes and styles. Enchanting highlight details include accent lighting, custom art etching, and textures.

We've worked with businesses as small as a two station beauty salon to multinational corporations. We've won several awards for our custom designed reception desks that we've built in our wood shop. We understand how to meld beauty and function and the importance of both to commercial spaces.

Call our designers today and let us build you the reception desk of your dreams.

Photo of Heaven Hair Boutique completed project
Heaven Hair Boutique

We constantly search for looks and styles in salon equipment to keep ahead of others.

China certainly exports a tremendous amount of salon equipment that fits a very tight budget. Your initial costs are far less than if you shop American made brands. However, in the long run what are you saving? Buy styling chairs at $259.00 and eventually something will fail, usually the pump. So you go back and replace the chair. You buy a shampoo backwash unit looks nice in the picture price is great until it arrives and your plumber is mumbling under his breath because he has to find metric fittings to connect the sink and drain.

We get calls everyday for replacement sink fixtures, hoses and strainers. Sometimes we can try to retro fit something we carry to fit but many times we just can’t.

We carry parts and service most everything we sell. How many places do you know where you can walk into a showroom with your broken part, chair top, hydraulic base and have it fixed in some cases while you wait?

Where can you go to actually see your furniture being made?

Where can you go to pick from laminate and upholstery colors without upcharges? There are some lines we carry that charge just to give you color choices but if it’s our line of custom cabinets or our imports from Europe you have many color options included in the base price.

Salon Interiors is a one stop shop. You like American made we carry those lines. Want something different? We can do that.

We start from your empty space or dated salon and help you create a salon that is up to date and fits your business model.

Our design service is included with the purchase of your salon furniture. Our drawing details are clear and noted for your contractor, plumber and electrician. We make ourselves accessible to our customer’s trades people to answer any questions they have. See our client testimonials on our website or YouTube.

Call Salon Interiors today for anything your salon needs at 1-800-642-4205.

Here at Salon Interiors we are all about your salon's individual identity and personal expression!!

We can do a custom etched panel with an image that you select, whether it be artwork, your salon logo or just a decorative design!!

Logo and art work etched furniture
Let us design an eye catching piece of art that draws clients to your salon!
Professional Salon Furniture Installations
Our own crews install your furniture to ensure everything is perfect for your salon.

We install what we sell!

So, you go online for countless hours and make your selections. Your equipment finally arrives. How excited are you?

It’s delivery morning, the truck arrives. Only to learn you have to take everything off the back of the truck yourself. You wanted to save a few dollars and not pay for lift gate, inside delivery. Everything is crated, packed, and on pallets. The truck driver is a nice guy but his job is to roll it to the tailgate. It up to you to get it off, un-crate everything bring it inside. Everything is ready to assemble; by you. Cabinets, mirrors, shampoo cabinets, color bar, you have all your chairs broken down in boxes. Your opening day is coming quickly and you’re dealing with hiring staff, gathering supplies, and now you have to deal with assembling and installing all your beautiful salon furnishings. Well at least it was a sunny day in June, instead of a blizzard in February.

A Salon Interiors customer comes to our facility, meets with an experienced designer and actually sees chairs, stations, shampoo units, cabinetry, and tours our cabinet shop. You get to check the comfort of the chair, the smooth action of the cabinet drawers, and finally select the colors and finishes that best suit your tastes and budget.

After you place your order and in a few weeks, Salon Interiors arrives. We bring everything inside and install all your cabinets as specified in the detailed layout we provide in the salon equipment sale. All of the plumbing and electrical is roughed in correctly and now ready for the final connections to be made by your plumber and electrician.

So many times, floor base trim and moldings need to be trimmed. We do that – we level everything using lasers to line everything to the same exact height.

We clean up remove any smudges, vacuum out any saw dust, and take full responsibility for any damages as you inspect everything.

Any issues are taken care of immediately.

Our professional installers always include a cabinetmaker who makes all adjustments while the rest of the crew cleans and removes all of the packing, cartons, wooden pallets, and debris.

Salon Interiors also has a commercial division, we work with architects and contractors who build out hospitals, banks, health and child care facilities. (See our commercial clients on our website.) we even build the cabinetry for a famous bakery you have all seen on TV. We have a high standard of manufacturing to meet all of our clients needs.

Imagine you order online, and then while you are bringing in a cabinet or mirror, you hit the door frame and break something, who you going to call?

Salon Interiors’ delivery and installation is a value in itself.

Contact Salon Interiors we deliver and install from Washington DC to Boston.

How about good old fashioned value and getting what you pay for?

Low prices do have a place for certain things, however there are important things to consider.

A new iPhone can cost as much as $1000.00 plus accessories. Galaxy S8 plus another expensive phone. Why do we all run to get the latest upgrade as soon as it comes out?

People trade in cars in as little as 12 months to get the next best one and lose 12-18% when you drive away with a year newer in some cases very little has changed one year to another.

So, you trade up your phone and the $50.00 case from one to the other doesn’t line up so you have to buy that. Even though you didn’t layout more than sales tax for the phone yet you are committing to another 2-year contract in some cases you do have to put down some money on the new phone upgrade. People go through this cycle repeatedly for years and with no end in sight.

You now want to buy 5 hydraulic chairs for your new salon for the price of an iPhone? Texting and make calls on a very expensive phone you trade in for the sake of having the newest. Yet buy chairs for your salon you’ll never trade in and lose money on as soon as they break down.

Why not buy iPhone quality styling chairs that work for years and years and get great value on your business investment? So, 10 years later you may want to reupholster your chairs but the chair itself is still in good shape.

Years ago, there was a big market for used salon furniture. Salon Interiors did a big business selling used and reconditioned salon furniture, as did many other equipment dealers. Today that market no longer exists. Used salon equipment furniture availability has been replaced by the imported in the $150.00 and above range. When that breaks, and it will, you simply buy another, and another, and another.

Think of salon furniture as a similar status symbol as your expensive phones, tablets and cars. It’s the salon equipment in your salon that buys these things.

You won’t even look at the 199.00 cellphone why not avoid buying, shipping, assembling cheap chairs. For not too much more money you can buy a better chair.

Remember Salon Interiors stands behind our products and we will fix anything we sell!