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The Lea Styling Chair and Lea Backwash Unit

The Lea Collection by Salon Interiors is imported from Europe and designed to be attractive and functional.

Available in a wide color palette and with a choice of base styles, the Lea line of salon furniture hits all details needed in a working salon. Built to last and be comfortable for both client and stylist.

Call us today and see what we can do to help you attain the salon of your dreams.

PB-1800 Pedicure Bowl

Salon Interiors has the pedicure bowl that's found everywhere on Pinterest!

This pedicure sink is a modern classic and the newest porcelain vessel-style spa pedicure bowl available!

The non-porous sealed surface of porcelain makes it an ideal bowl for pedicures. The surface prevents bacteria from penetrating so your sink is always sanitary. Our pedicure bowl is easy to clean and low maintenance with a smooth luxurious surface and a flat bottom that is comfortable for your client's feet.

Affordably priced at $449.00, order your PD-1800 Pedicure Bowl today!

Salon furniture by its very nature must be able to work and work hard. Stations need ample storage for the supplies a stylist needs to function as well as access to electricity, a safe place for hot tool storage and of course, an attractive mirror for the client.

Salon Interiors understands what the successful salon requires in the furniture they select for their business. Premium hardware that will stand up to constant use, finishes designed to resist staining by chemical styling products, properly grounded electrical outlets - all very necessary to handle the day to day operations of the business.

In addition, different services require different features in the furniture. Design styling stations for hair coloring, blow drying or make up application with various levels of options to compliment the service being offered.

Come by our offices or call and speak to a designer and let us show you the almost endless choices in style available for your salon.

You can also take a look at some previous designs in our salon photo gallery or our styling station catalog.

Hair Salon Body & Soul Reception Area

The first thing anyone entering a business will see is most often their reception desk.

Reception desks visually introduce your clients to your business and sets the first impression of the world you are trying to create.

Salon Interiors can custom design your reception desk with an almost endless choice of finishes and styles. Enchanting highlight details include accent lighting, custom art etching, and textures.

We've worked with businesses as small as a two station beauty salon to multinational corporations. We've won several awards for our custom designed reception desks that we've built in our wood shop. We understand how to meld beauty and function and the importance of both to commercial spaces.

Call our designers today and let us build you the reception desk of your dreams.

Maria and Heather from Hair Salon Body and Soul

One thing we love is to have satisfied and happy clients. Nothing is better for a business than knowing that they are well thought of in the community.

You can view several videos of our past clients and hear about their experience with Salon Interiors.

Please, check our reviews on Google and Facebook and let us show you why people enjoy working with us!

CoCo Bond Salon Shampoo Area
CoCo Bond Salon Shampoo Area

If you're looking for just the right shampoo furniture for your salon in the New York area, then your first stop should be at Salon Interiors.

We've been designing, building and installing salon cabinetry on the east coast for 40 years. We take the needs of your staff into consideration and create a one of a kind piece that gives you storage options that satisfy the particular needs of your space.

We offer an almost endless finish selection with colors, textures, inset lighting, and specialized designs.

Give us a call at 1-800-642-4205 and speak to our designers. We'll come to your salon and take detailed measurements and show you how we can create a custom solution that fits the needs of your salon, your staff and most importantly, you.

Glaze Salon Custom Shampoo Cabinetry
Glaze Salon Shampoo Area
Custom LED accented reception desk built for CBRE corporate offices.
LED Accented Reception Desk

We here at Salon Interiors know just how important that first impression is to making an impact on your clients.

With over 40 experience in commercial cabinetry design and manufacturing, we can help you catch and keep the attention of anyone that enters your business.

Whether you have a small office or a large national corporation, we are experienced in all aspects of the necessities of effective workspaces, taking into account workflow, customer interaction, visual impact, and more.

Our millwork shop and it's equipment is consistently updated to include both the latest computerized machines combined with the skills of superior wood working craftsman.

Come discover what we can offer you in design choices and custom cabinetry building that is unmatched by any other company.

Call us at 201-488-7888 and schedule a visit today.

Salon Lighting Design

Being able to see the right color and details is vitally important in a salon or spa. Without the proper balance and direction of your task lighting, offering service to your clients becomes that much more difficult.

The design team at Salon Interiors are well acquainted with the needs of the styling artist. We can help you select the right style and type of lighting for your salon, both for perfect workspace illumination or specialized accent lighting that delights your clients.

Come talk to our salon design team today and allow us to show you the many selections available and how we can help you ensure that you're never going to be squinting at a hair color, hoping that it's rights.

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Backwash Shampoo Sink

Why should you upgrade your salon to the current technology in shampoo services?

Because it's so much better for both clients and shampoo technicians.

Backwash shampoo units incorporate both the shampoo basin and chair, eliminating the need to reach over this client's head and preventing the back strain that is caused by "leaning in" from the side in order to preform an effective shampoo service.

Today's shampoo chairs can also offer the client additional comforts, such as massage functions, leg rests and tilting bowl mechanisms to enable the correct position of the head no matter what the client's height. This helps to stop the stress placed on the back and neck, making the entire shampoo experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

If you are offering services to children as well as adults, the addition of a shampoo booster cushion will make the transition from adult to minor client seamless.

Saloninteriors shampoo booster Shampoo Chair Booster Seat
Salon Chair Booster Cushion
Glaze Salon - Hair Coloring Processing

There's more than just blow dryers for the right finish to your salon hair styling services. Color processing can involve both still and moving air drying.

Salon Interiors carries all major brands of salon hair chair dryers as well as infrared and heat lamps. You can find a full catalog of choices on our website and examples in our fully outfitted salon furniture showroom in South Hackensack NJ.

In addition, we offer units that are wall mounted, enclosed in dryer chairs or benches and on caster bases that allow movement throughout your salon.

Let the designers of Salon Interiors help you find the right salon furniture solutions that will ensure the success of your hair styling services.