Change It Up

So you've had your business open for a few years now, and things are going good. Because you're using it day in and day out, you notice that things are looking a little bit worn, maybe a little faded or just that styles have changed so much that you could call the place retro and get away with it.

Maybe you want just a little updating, a change in the services you provide or you could stand a bit of expansion. You might not have the budget to do a "full remodel" (or don't really want to anyway) and can't really spare the downtime that would be necessary to close up and start over.

We've got the solutions to all these situations. We'll work with you to spruce things up with cabinet resurfacing, re-upholstery of any of the seating in your salon or updating a whole section to add something new to your business.

Just recently there has been an expansion to Mancuso Salon in Sparta NJ added 6 new color stations and 4 additional styling stations to their space. Devra Bader Skin Care and Beauty Spa in Scarsdale NY has updated their foot care services by remodeling the pedicure area and Hair Craft Salon in Rochelle Park NJ got a facelift to their retail products area that increased their sales and client engagement. Since we've worked with Ray Ferrone of Hair Craft for over 30 years now, we were especially pleased the remodel worked so well for the salon!

So if you're in the mood for to have just a "little work done" give us a call and let our designers so you the possibilities available that will fit your budget and your style.

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