Custom Salon Pedicure

Custom Designed Pedicure Area

There are almost infinite choices available to the salon owner that would like to offer pedicure services to their clientele.

The Salon Interiors Design Team can offer you their years of experience in salon interior design to maximize your options and meet your budget.

We carry both complete pedicure chairs, most with heat and massage, all the necessary extra equipment such as operator seating, organizational carts, all the way to polish dryers to make sure that your clients leave with their pedicures intact.

Beyond what you can see in any online catalog, we also offer custom designed pedicure furniture that matches your vision and the mood of your salon environment.

We work closely with our customers to make sure that they have the best possible equipment choices at their disposal and that the pedicure services they offer meet the needs of their clients and creates a safe workspace for the operator.

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