Expert Salon Furniture Installations

Professional Salon Furniture Installations
Our own crews install your furniture to ensure everything is perfect for your salon.

We install what we sell!

So, you go online for countless hours and make your selections. Your equipment finally arrives. How excited are you?

It’s delivery morning, the truck arrives. Only to learn you have to take everything off the back of the truck yourself. You wanted to save a few dollars and not pay for lift gate, inside delivery. Everything is crated, packed, and on pallets. The truck driver is a nice guy but his job is to roll it to the tailgate. It up to you to get it off, un-crate everything bring it inside. Everything is ready to assemble; by you. Cabinets, mirrors, shampoo cabinets, color bar, you have all your chairs broken down in boxes. Your opening day is coming quickly and you’re dealing with hiring staff, gathering supplies, and now you have to deal with assembling and installing all your beautiful salon furnishings. Well at least it was a sunny day in June, instead of a blizzard in February.

A Salon Interiors customer comes to our facility, meets with an experienced designer and actually sees chairs, stations, shampoo units, cabinetry, and tours our cabinet shop. You get to check the comfort of the chair, the smooth action of the cabinet drawers, and finally select the colors and finishes that best suit your tastes and budget.

After you place your order and in a few weeks, Salon Interiors arrives. We bring everything inside and install all your cabinets as specified in the detailed layout we provide in the salon equipment sale. All of the plumbing and electrical is roughed in correctly and now ready for the final connections to be made by your plumber and electrician.

So many times, floor base trim and moldings need to be trimmed. We do that – we level everything using lasers to line everything to the same exact height.

We clean up remove any smudges, vacuum out any saw dust, and take full responsibility for any damages as you inspect everything.

Any issues are taken care of immediately.

Our professional installers always include a cabinetmaker who makes all adjustments while the rest of the crew cleans and removes all of the packing, cartons, wooden pallets, and debris.

Salon Interiors also has a commercial division, we work with architects and contractors who build out hospitals, banks, health and child care facilities. (See our commercial clients on our website.) we even build the cabinetry for a famous bakery you have all seen on TV. We have a high standard of manufacturing to meet all of our clients needs.

Imagine you order online, and then while you are bringing in a cabinet or mirror, you hit the door frame and break something, who you going to call?

Salon Interiors’ delivery and installation is a value in itself.

Contact Salon Interiors we deliver and install from Washington DC to Boston.

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