How to Start Your Salon Or Spa


Salon Interiors offers a full array of services including salon design, furniture manufacturing and equipment sales/service. We can offer you support from Concept to Installation. Our presentation will offer you information on how to plan your project, what to include, and how you can expect it all to go.

This informational article is organized into 4 steps:

...and will address some of your questions about licensing issues and costs.

There are several types of Spas which are all defined by the services offered. Basically, you must consider which services you wish to offer, the clientele you plan to attract, and the facility you either occupy or plan to move into. These factors will define the type of Spa you will be developing.

A Day Spa traditionally offers those services that appeal to a client who is interested services such as skin care, massage, water therapy, steam & sauna, and aromatherapy. Today's day spa clients are becoming increasingly interested in any services that will offer them an opportunity to relax and enjoy a stress free experience. You may want to consider offering some increasingly popular services such as couples' massage, nutrition guidance, and yoga and exercise instruction.

A Salon Spa may incorporate some or all of these services but will offer the services of a beauty salon as well. This type of spa may work well either incorporated into or in conjunction with an existing salon. Salon services may include hair styling, color & treatment, make-up, manicure,pedicure, and waxing as well as those services mentioned previously.

A Medical Spa will target clients who seek services based on treatments, both preventative and rehabilitative in nature. These services may include some or all of those found in other types ofSpas but may also include medically or surgically based skin treatments and will, in some cases,offer retail sales of prescriptive type medications and remedies.

In any of these environments, be sure to allocate sufficient space for retail display of product lines related to the services you will be offering. Our clients report that if done properly, you should beable to realize as much as 45% of your total gross profits coming directly from your retail sales.

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