Hurricane Sandy

We've started getting calls about the damage that people have suffered because of the hurricane. Milton, our lead designer has met with a couple of salon owners and toured their businesses and we're working with them to get them back up and running so that hopefully they can move forward for their employees and their customers.

It's been so heartbreaking to see the destruction of so much and realize just what people have lost. But Jersey is strong and we'll get through this together.

We are still offering appraisal services so that you can have an accurate figure to give to your insurance company. Salon Interiors is fully operational and staffed. Call us and we'll do whatever we can to get your business open with the least amount of headaches.

The Red Cross is a great way to help if you are in an area that didn't suffer the double storms on the east coast. Every little bit makes things better. If you were affected by Sandy, they can help you with finding essentials.

Contact The Red Cross

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