Made In America

Made in America, by Americans.

But what does that mean exactly? Salon Interiors started as a small company in a rented storefront. We didn't manufacture our own products yet, but we represented the top names in the salon furniture industry.

We wanted to do it better.

It all started with a small furniture repair area set aside in our warehouse and showroom location in Hackensack. After years of expansion, we've increased our workforce and now offer our own line of branded salon cabinetry.

It's all possible because of our people. Local workers dedicated to the ideals that made America the greatest country on earth. The combination of skill and innovation gives us opportunities that can't be found with mass produced, assembly line furniture that you pick out of a book.

Our team, from our designers to our wood workers allows us to make everything from custom modifications to one of a kind pieces. There's examples to look at in our photo galleries. What you can't see in a photo is the incomparable quality and durability of the cabinets we produce. The expression "you get what you pay for" is true. What you get with Salon Interiors salon furniture is a styling station or reception desk that has been made with pride to be functional, beautiful and to last. We stand behind our products.

Today we're taking the craftsmanship of our cabinetmakers and combining it with the computer technology of tomorrow to create quality furniture. All the while keeping people at work in our country. Our economy and our future, depends on keeping the manufacturing sector alive, which has suffered the most decline in available jobs. The only way to combat the loss of jobs is to support companies that employ our own citizens on our soil.

Buying American made products isn't the only solution to the challenges we all face today, but it is perhaps the largest part of the puzzle.

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