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Salon Interiors Cut To Size

Tired of swinging a router?

Save money, time and your back by using Salon Interiors fully computerized wood working shop to cut the parts of your next job. The precision cannot be matched and gives even the smallest cabinet shop the ability to compete with bigger companies, without the cash investment for space and machinery.

Cut To Size is the answer to big jobs in a small wood shop. You might want to know why you should contact us for work that you have always done yourself. The answers are simple; cut production time, increase profit margins, and allocate your assets and resources to where they should be, making sure you get that next job.

All jobs are quoted individually. You supply the cut list, nothing is limited to "stock" sizes - your job - your way. We offer both speed and consistency of the final pieces, for both big jobs or small. Save your back with the elimination of pushing 100lb boards through your unisaw. Reorder a piece weeks, months or years in the future and have it match the first time, every time.

Time Savings

Sure, you have always done the work yourself, by hand, one piece at a time. Takes a while, doesn't it? With Salon Interiors state of the art computerized wood working shop, we can do your job in a fraction of the time. Add up how long it takes to layout each piece, measure, mark and cut. Add in time spent changing your bits and saw blades. Edging. Sanding. Now, start all over at the beginning and repeat each process over and over.

By the time you do all that, we could have delivered all the finished pieces to you - without the lost time you could have spent securing another job.

You Can't Do It Cheaper

How much is your time worth? Less time spent on repetitive tasks. Less expenditure for payroll and benefits costs. Waste removal and disposal payments. All the expenses that effect your bottom line. Plus, the increase in available time to bid on the next incoming job. All of this equals a higher profit margin for your cabinet shop. We maintain a fully automated computerized wood shop with the newest machine technology, which is often difficult for a smaller shop owner to finance and manage. All the advantages of a big shop, without the costly machine and space investments.

Contact Us Today

You can call us at 1-800-642-4205 or fax us your shop drawings to 201-488-0058 for a price quote. Each job priced according to your specifications and materials needs. We can supply materials, or we can accept yours.

Cut To Size

  • Chipless Cutting
  • Square Every Time
  • Exact Size Every Time
  • Optimize Yield

  • Routing
  • Grooving
  • Boring (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • Rabbiting
  • Contour Edge Banding
Edge Banding

  • Contour
  • Laminate
  • PVC
  • 3mm
  • Wood

  • Oval/Circle Templates
  • Arc Segments for Large Radius
  • Funky Shapes