Glass and Mirror Template

Accurate Template Production

Glass And Mirror Templates For Glaziers

Get the same result in your product from the first piece to the last, with no guesswork.

Produce consistent, defined measurements for your own finished products with custom designed templates from Salon Interiors.

Woodwork Templates For Carpenters

Ever have to run a big job and measure every piece, each and every time? We have a solution to the endless chore of plotting curves, circles, angles and the frustration of having misplaced your pencil.

Whether you have a large radius or an unusal shape that needs to be duplicated again and again, a Salon Interiors template will allow even a small shop to produce faster and consistent work, allowing you to move on to the next job and increase your available time and profit margin.

We can cut a panel up to 5' x 12', so whether your job is small or large, a Salon Interiors template can take the gruntwork out of the process.Measurement Specifications

Utilizing an MDF panel, we double check all our templates to make sure that all supplied dimensions are exactly as you specify, ensuring that the end result of your job is perfect.

Parts cut right the first time and the 1000th time, today or next year. Perfect for glass, mirror, wood work, signage or any job that needs consistent measured results. Templates take out the guesswork and ensure that each piece is a perfect duplicate. You can email your drawings or fax them to 201-488-0058 for a price quote.

Come discover how Salon Interiors can make your work day easier and speed your wood shop production.