Off The Road - Again?

Walter Siegordner, President and Guy In Charge of Salon Interiors has found a new passion in his life, though he hasn't given up his first love, hockey.

After wanting to get out on two wheels for many years, he's gotten himself a BMW motorcycle for the road and he's been out enjoying that.

But he also does a lot of riding off the road, including some motocross racing. He's been on off road trips to Alaska and Utah. He's got even more planned for this year, including Quebec, the Shenandoah valley, and Georgia.

The photos he shows us from these excursions are breath taking. Out in nature, surrounded by nothing but amazing scenery, it really makes you jealous to look at them. The stories he tells us over lunch also interrupt our breathing patterns, but usually because we are laughing so hard.

walter alaska trip
Walter - Alaska Motorcycle Trip

There's nothing like a good bike ride to blow the woodshop dust out of your brain. Finding a new passion in life in your life ain't a bad idea either.

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