KCMA Certifies Salon Interiors

Our Cabinets got Soaked and Stayed Dry

October 2005
Salon Interiors is the first firm in the nation to have its custom cabinets certified by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association).

Salon Interiors has enjoyed many firsts throughout its 25 year history, but having our cabinetry certified by KCMA is significant" states Walter Siegordner, founder and president of Salon Interiors. "I always knew we made a good quality product, it's nice to have an organization such as the KCMA validate it. Our customers will see the KCMA seal of approval and know that they spent their money wisely. Customers want assurance of quality, performance and durability in the products they purchase."

There are many certified cabinets out in the market place, but we were the first custom manufacturer to provide a high pressure decorative laminate cabinet, i.e. Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart, that passes the test. Salon Interiors new construction technology allows us to pass the 24 hour water & detergent soaking test, without showing any signs of swelling, blistering or delaminating. Testing involved many requirements including frame, shelf, drawer and door strength tests. For more information see

The ANSI/KCMA A161.1 Performance & Construction Standard for Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets is the established national performance standard recognized by builders, architects, remodelers, government agencies and consumers. The standard was developed in 1965 in cooperation with various government agencies and consumer organizations. In 1970, the standard was accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standard is thoroughly reviewed every five years.

The extensive and ongoing testing of cabinets ensures the integrity of the program. Cabinets are tested by independent third-party testing laboratories approved by KCMA. Cabinets for testing are selected at random by an independent authorized inspector during an unscheduled visit to the plant. Cabinets must be tested twice the first year of participation, and once every year thereafter to ensure compliance.

Salon Interiors is a manufacturer of custom commercial cabinets for corporate, banking, medical and retail environments.


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