Caron Industries and Salon Interiors

Salon Interiors Continues Our Commitment To Our Planet

Here at Salon Interiors, we've always been aware of the responsibility we have as a manufacturer to the replenishment of our natural resources. Always seeking out companies that share these concerns with which to partner, we have recently added the products of Caron Industries of Canada, a company founded on the idea of protecting the environment.

Using reclaimed fibers, green manufacturing processes and by participating with American Forests reforestation programs, Caron Industries Inc. sets the standard for replenishment of our planet's resources.

By being respectful of the environment, Caron optimizes the use of wood by replanting more trees each year than the company uses. Most of the company's products are hardwoods harvested in the northern Appalachieans, an area known for its quality timber. Caron's reforestation program ensures that this precious heritage is continued.

With Salon Interiors purchases of wood products such as cabinet doors and mouldings, we join with Caron Industries to provide the beauty of wood into our designs while preserving the world around us for generations to come.

Caron, Thinks Wood, Thinks Green

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