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Shampoo Plumbing Pre-purchase Guide

There are several things that everyone should consider before buying plumbing related furniture for the salon or spa. Anything that needs to be connected to a water supply will involve consultation with and hiring a professional, licensed plumber. Salon plumbing installation is the responsibility of the customer but we've included some information here that will guide you while planning for your new equipment.

The key to a successful installation of your sink, pedicure chair or backwash shampoo bowl is a planning meeting with a licensed plumber who can advise you on the requirements of all local building codes. Every location has different has different rules and a local plumber will be familiar with what needs to be done to pass inspections of the new equipment.

Be sure to speak with your plumber before you decide what type of equipment you plan to purchase and where you want to place it in your salon. This is especially important for backwash shampoo sinks and pedicure chairs since accommodations will have to be made for drain access from the equipment.

Depending on what type of equipment you select, there may be issues with access panels in relation to walls and other equipment in the salon. It is very important to be sure that the inside structures can be reached successfully.

There may be specialized code requirements for commercial plumbing. Vacuum breakers may or may not be necessary and in some locations demand a very specific type. This can be discussed with your plumber.

If you need to drain waste water up from a lower level, a pump may be needed. Typically, these would be installed outside a pedicure chair base.

Space planning is critical for installation of equipment that requires plumbing or electricity. Once installed, it would be very difficult to change your mind. Salon Interiors can work with your plumber or electrician to ensure things are right the first time.

You should also be aware of special requirements such as being ADA compliant or any other municipal building codes.

Good planning leads to success and Salon Interiors is happy to help you get there. Call us today and we'll work with you and your contractors to build the salon you've been dreaming of a reality.

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