Quality vs Price

How about good old fashioned value and getting what you pay for?

Low prices do have a place for certain things, however there are important things to consider.

A new iPhone can cost as much as $1000.00 plus accessories. Galaxy S8 plus another expensive phone. Why do we all run to get the latest upgrade as soon as it comes out?

People trade in cars in as little as 12 months to get the next best one and lose 12-18% when you drive away with a year newer in some cases very little has changed one year to another.

So, you trade up your phone and the $50.00 case from one to the other doesn’t line up so you have to buy that. Even though you didn’t layout more than sales tax for the phone yet you are committing to another 2-year contract in some cases you do have to put down some money on the new phone upgrade. People go through this cycle repeatedly for years and with no end in sight.

You now want to buy 5 hydraulic chairs for your new salon for the price of an iPhone? Texting and make calls on a very expensive phone you trade in for the sake of having the newest. Yet buy chairs for your salon you’ll never trade in and lose money on as soon as they break down.

Why not buy iPhone quality styling chairs that work for years and years and get great value on your business investment? So, 10 years later you may want to reupholster your chairs but the chair itself is still in good shape.

Years ago, there was a big market for used salon furniture. Salon Interiors did a big business selling used and reconditioned salon furniture, as did many other equipment dealers. Today that market no longer exists. Used salon equipment furniture availability has been replaced by the imported in the $150.00 and above range. When that breaks, and it will, you simply buy another, and another, and another.

Think of salon furniture as a similar status symbol as your expensive phones, tablets and cars. It’s the salon equipment in your salon that buys these things.

You won’t even look at the 199.00 cellphone why not avoid buying, shipping, assembling cheap chairs. For not too much more money you can buy a better chair.

Remember Salon Interiors stands behind our products and we will fix anything we sell!

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