Ready Made vs. Custom Built

The best way to demonstrate the difference between picking out a "standard" shampoo cabinet or having one made to fit the space it will be in is to consider the edge. Do you want a seamless "no-gap" fit or do you want to forever wonder what has fallen into the cracks this time? We've had a conversation with a stylist that mentions that color keys, color brushes and all manner of combs and clips have gone missing.

Having your cabinet made to exact specifications means it will never ever look like an after-thought, never again having to try and fish out dropped objects and always looking truly professional. It's the details that catch the eye of your client.

Salon Interiors prides itself on providing "affordable luxury". We pay attention to the final installation of your cabinetry.

Ready Made Cabinets

Ready Made Cabinet Ready Made Cabinet

Custom Built Cabinets

Custom Built Cabinets Custom Built Cabinets

With practically limitless combinations of color, texture, and materials custom cabinets will always be what you want without having to settle for less. Unmatched in quality and durability, come in and see what Salon Interiors can do for your cabinetry needs.

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