Repairs and Parts For Salons

Repairs and Parts – by Louis A. Benevento

We stock most domestic salon plumbing supplies such as sink parts, fixtures, hoses brackets, vacuum breakers, hair traps etc. Just take email a photo or walk in with it. Take pictures of complete bowl to identify and of the part in question. The more pictures the better.

Please note – faucets are not interchangeable in most cases from brand to brand. Knowing the manufacturer up front will help. We can in most cases send you the right piece.

On line, imports vary from website to website we don’t have parts for most on line purchases however we’re here when they break down to help you replace complete units

We carry salon dryer parts, motors, hoods, wheels. Most of our dryer part inventory is not listed online, but if you need something, please call us today.

Styling chair rubber base rings – we’ve got them!

We can reupholster your old worn styling chairs too!

Shop anywhere, call us today!

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