Riding The Death Road

At least once a year, sometimes more, our company President Walter Siegordner heads off into some treacherous locale to ride "off road" on his motorcycle. He shuns modern highways as well as many other modern conveniences. This years journey was to the Death Road in Bolivia. This time the trip also included a trip into an old mine and a ride on a zip line.

He brings back lots of photos to share with friends and family, and we have a small glimpse of this years collection for our blog. click an images to view a larger version.

PB090097 PB090099 PB090100 PB090104 PB090106 PB090110 PB100144
PB100156 PB120184 PB120187 PB120198 PB130227 PB140269 PB140293 PB190347 PB190360 PB190365 PB190374

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