Salon Delivery and Installation By Salon Interiors

Delivery and Installation – by Louis Benevento

This has to be the single most important part of building a new salon.

Salon Interiors has and will always deliver and custom install your salon furniture.

We are responsible, ensuring it is installed correctly and there is no damage, broken or missing pieces.

I was part of a corporate distributor acquisition. Ended up working for Cosmoprof aka Sally Beauty Supply. Being responsible for the equipment sales of 10 States.

All Cosmoprof does is drop ship (literally at times) your order. No matter what the weather was if it was a simple dryer or a complete 10 operator salon crated on pallets. A truck driver slides it to the tailgate telling you to take it from there. I had irate customers calling me crying in snow and rain not knowing what to do.

Damaged Delivery Package

Even if they scheduled as an inside delivery the darn pallets are 4 feet by 4 feet and do not fit in your door. The delivery person would give some excuse and leave you with new furniture outside. Concealed damages are always a problem. These crates weigh hundreds of pounds and are transferred from truck to truck till it comes to you.

Salon Interiors promises on time delivery. We send trained installers to bring the furniture inside and professionally install, setting everything else place. Only thing we don’t do is final plumbing or electrical connections and we explain that up front.

Salon Furniture Installation

Once all the construction is finished, the fit and finish of your new beautiful salon furniture is best left to the professionals. Browse our Gallery to see our work.

Whether you are on a tight budget or not we install accordingly. Although there are fees involved it takes the stress away and puts the responsibility on us. We clean up afterwards and use care to protect your wall and floor finishes.

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