Salon Furniture Appraisal Services

One thing that we've discovered that people are surprised about is our salon appraisal services. Salon Interiors knows it can be confusing to place a dollar value on equipment and furniture used day to day in the salon industry. It's particularly stressful if you need accurate figures for an insurance claim due. Often in the aftershock of a catastrophic event, the additional burden separating the value of tangible property from emotional loss is difficult.

Salon Interiors can help.

We'll give you a full appraisal for your salon furniture and equipment in three different calculations: 1) Replacement Value, 2) Fair Market Value and 3) Liquidation Value.

Whether you need the information for insurance, a sale of the business or for a legal division of assets, call us and be able to put your mind at ease that you are not underestimating the investment that you've made.

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