Salon Interiors and Corian Power Mat

As usual, we at Salon Interiors are always on the lookout to bring the latest innovations into the world of commercial cabinet design.

Corian® Solid Surfaces have now brought wireless device charging to their counter top surfaces and Salon Interiors can build this feature into our cabinetry. The Dupont Corian Charging Surface boasts both Qi and Powermat wireless charging hardware to top off power hungry mobile devices placed on futuristic counters.

Power Up Rings Photo
Power Up Rings
Power Up Counter Top Photo
Power Up Counter Top
Power Up Cross Section Photo
Cross section of the Power Up Corian counter.

Nearly all smart devices can be charged with a charging ring from Duracell® Powermat®, but charging cases also are available, and some devices are already enabled with wireless charging capabilities. To wirelessly charge using Corian® Charging Surface, users need only connect the ring or case to their mobile device and place it on a charging spot.

Read the Corian Power Up FAQ (Opens in new window.)

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