Salon Parts You Should Have On Hand

Salon Parts and Accessories

Rather than wait till the last-minute plan in advance without spending a fortune. Keep parts on hand that typically need to be replaced in the salon.

Vacuum breaker rebuild kits – simple internal parts that take a few minutes to remove and replace.

Shampoo hoses – keep one or two on hand

Dryer filters – purchase pre-cut or match up thickness buy large piece to cut from Home Depot.

Hydraulic base rings – Pick up one or two. Just need to know manufacturer of the base.

Sink strainer – These disappear. Have no idea where they go but we sell a lot of them.

Extra shampoo chair covers so when they finally tear from rubbing on the edge of the bowl.

Keep a small tool box on hand, you never know when you need to repair something. (pliers, small and larger Philips and slotted screw drivers, hammer,

Loctite – we do not sell this but we use it every day. Instead of constantly tightening up loose bolts on foot rests, hydraulic bases. Just a drop or two of blue color Loctite and forget it. This thread locking product is used by mechanics and manufacturers when they build their products.

A meat probe thermometer (example: Amazon) can be used to check your hair dryer’s temperature. Set dryer on high heat run a few minutes with the probe in one of the holes of the dryer hood. Temperature should be around 130 degrees.

We carry most parts for many domestically manufactured brands.

Call us today at 1-800-642-4205 and ask for Louis, buy over $50.00 worth of emergency parts receive 10% off.

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