Sandy Recovery

Salon Interiors is proud and happy to have helped another salon get back to business after serious losses during Hurricane Sandy.

Last we were in Neptune NJ, doing the final install for Tonia at Current Trends Salon.

As we are sure you know, the Jersey Shore area was devastated during the storm. Acres upon acres of destruction, homes, business, government name it. Seeing the images on TV news reports made it hard to believe that things would ever be normal again for the people this storm affected.

But recovery is continuing even now. Boardwalks are beginning to snake along the shore line once again, homes are being rebuilt, and small businesses are opening their doors and welcoming customers.

Current Trends salon will be offering men's and women's styling. Last week's installation included 2 ladies styling stations, 2 barber stations for male clients and a shampoo station. Being able to work with Tonia and assist her in rebuilding has been a true labor of love for our employees.

We wish Tonia, her employees and the customers of Current Trends Salon continued success in reclaiming their lives after Hurricane Sandy. It shows these people have heart and determination and we at Salon Interiors are pleased that they chose our company to help them on this journey.

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