Salon Interiors Furniture And Equipment Repair Policy

Salon Interiors offers repair service for furniture and equipment that is manufactured in the USA by American based companies. We MAY be able to assist you with products that have been produced outside the USA or with non-American made parts, however we do not assure or guarantee this.

Repair And Warranty Of Pedicure Chairs

Salon Interiors does NOT repair, warranty or gurantee any pedicure spa chairs sold by us or anyone else. Regardless of country of origin All warranty and repair questions are to be taken to the manufacturer of the pedicure spa chair.

These policies are in place due to the increased influx of foreign made products that don’t meet the standards of the American consumer. These standards are not only quality and mechanical in nature, but also environmental and labor laws that are humane.

Many of these manufactures go into business only to go out of business. Their parts and inventory control systems are highly irregular and inconsistent making the acquisition of available parts and repair materials extremely difficult.

We do sympathize with you the consumer, please buy American.

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