Meet Salon Interiors Salon Design Team

When you want what no one else offers ONLY Salon Interiors will do. Your design expression is important to us at Salon Interiors and we recognize that each salon owner has a different vision, concept and plan. Salon Interiors specializes in creating the right design touch with the best furniture available in the industry; premade or custom. Whether you’re a new salon or looking to upgrade, Salon Interiors can help! We make it our business to get to know each client personally to fulfill their design goals.

Salon Interiors has been an industry leader in salon and spa furniture for almost forty years. Salon Interiors never forgets to take your input and build on your dream salon within your budget.

We at Salon Interiors know that any change can be scary that’s why we’re with you from the beginning to the end. Salon Interiors works with you from design concept to unveiling your completed new look. Our long time experience serving the salon industry makes all the difference in the world. Salon Design Consult Meeting

The Salon Interiors Design Experience

Excellence by Design. With our staff of experienced design professionals, we provide the artistic skill, creativity and knowledge needed to take your project from concept to completion.

We blend art, architecture and cabinetry with detail-oriented project management to offer you the very best in the industry. For over 20 years we have been leaders in providing step by step in-house service. We can take you every step of the way, from plans to construction documentation, to manufacturing, to delivery and installation.

Our expansive, modern facility has the newest in high-tech equipment, allowing us to fulfill all of your project needs, whether you choose from our showroom selection or create something customized to fit your taste and needs.

We carry the latest exclusive salon furniture from Europe and we represent all international brands. We stock the newest and best of the world's hair styling equipment, as well as the classics. We can manage and support every detail of your project.

Salon Interiors is always on the cutting edge of salon design, featuring the latest offerings of all major beauty furniture suppliers. We all provide detail oriented repair services and personalized attention and service to ensure your salon reflects the image you want it to portray.

Call us today at 800-642-4205 or send us email to inquire about our services.

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Salon Interiors Floor Plan Designs

You can view some some of our past salon designs and furniture placement in these floor plan sample files.

Salon Glam Floor Plan
1104 Square Feet

Avanti Salon Floor Plan
1132 Square Feet

Real Deal Floor Plan
1142 Square Feet

Salon Chez Nous Floor Plan
1242 Square Feet

Mancuso Salon Floor Plan
1479 Square Feet

Indigo Salon Floor Plan
1481 Square Feet

Cathy D Salon Floor Plan
1484 Square Feet

Details Salon Floor Plan
1587 Square Feet

Salon Glow Floor Plan
2106 Square Feet

E & G Salon Floor Plan
111 Square Feet

Plaza Salon Floor Plan
378 Square Feet

D Parture Spa Floor Plan
479 Square Feet

Custom Cuts Salon Floor Plan
537 Square Feet

Panico South Beach Floor Plan
580 Square Feet

Studio 15 Salon Floor Plan
789 Square Feet

Amoy Salon Floor Plan
808 Square Feet

Liquid Salon Floor Plan
900 Square Feet

V'Va Salon Floor Plan
1046 Square Feet

Stella's Salon Floor Plan
1100 Square Feet

Vito Mazza Salon Floor Plan
2236 Square Feet

De Beaute Salon Floor Plan
2326 Square Feet

Tsang Salon Floor Plan
2347 Square Feet

Elements Salon Floor Plan
2534 Square Feet

VC Salon Floor Plan
2967 Square Feet

Phoenix Salon Floor Plan
3500 Square Feet

Blue Salon Floor Plan
3913 Square Feet

Florescence Salon Floor Plan
1600 Square Feet