Showroom Updates

Salon Interiors Showroom

Last year, we updated the entire main entrance to our showroom, putting in our latest designs in reception cabinetry, styling stations and chairs and shampoo furniture.

This week, we are totally redecorating our rear entrance with new flooring and new wall panels and a terrific surprise for people who come in through our parking lot door. We'll post some pics when that's unveiled. We're also updating our wall mounted styling station section of the showroom with new flooring and the latest designs produced in our wood shop! Come down, have a cup of coffee and let us see what we can build for you!

IMG 20171208 090619292 1
Checking the level of the station installation.
IMG 20171208 090259154 HDR
Measuring and installation of new styling stations displays.
IMG 20171208 090303054
Installing cabinet mountings.
Installation of the new hallway floor tiles.
Installation of the new hallway floor tiles.
IMG 20171208 090358440 TOP
Lining up a tricky corner.
IMG 20171208 090227555 TOP
Hello Oscar!

We'll put up some teaser images when everything is in place but there's nothing like seeing it all in person and finding just the right furniture and equipment for your business.

If you come, we will build it!

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