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The Crossover washer is a new class of washing machine that is revolutionizing the industry. Crossover is superior in every way to other home style washers on the market. It’s truly in a class by itself. Crossover is the ideal choice for smaller OPL operations. It’s also a great complement to our popular large capacity brands, Electrolux and Wascomat.

  • Engineered To Be Superior To All Competitors
  • 15,000+ Cycle Machine Life Design
  • Space-saving 27" Wide Footprint
  • Energy Star And Cee Tier III Rated
  • ADA Compliant
  • 300g Force For Greatest Spin Moisture Reduction And Faster Dry Time
  • 4 Professional Wash Programs + 2 Cycle Options
  • Field Adjustable Water Levels + Cycle
  • Top Quality Skf Bearings - Heavy Duty Assembly Seals (With 5 Lips) Protect Bearings
  • AC Motor (No Brushes)
  • Professional 8-Point Suspension
  • Pump Drain Standard
  • Solid Steel Counterweights - No Concrete
  • Quiet Operation
  • Chemical Injection Compatible

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Miele Professional

Miele Little Giant Washer And Dryer


Laundry is a daily battle for any salon or spa. Getting oils, scrubs, lotions and chemicals out of towels, robes and smocks takes more than just a residential use washer and dryer. Washers and dryer designed for the home can't possibly reach the temperatures needed to dissolve the products used in the industry. Miele washers and dryers can and do.

The Benefits Of Commercial Grade VS. Residential Laundry Systems

  • Water temps in excess of 200ºF to melt oils and residue from fabrics; effectively holds high temperatures to achieve disinfection.
  • Residual moisture controlled dryers for safer, more energy efficient drying.
  • Honeycomb Drum™ provides superior garment care-garments last 4x longer.
  • Specialty wash programs including silk and wool in 21 languages.
  • Highest extraction available - significantly reduces drying time and energy costs.
  • Large lint filter accommodates up to 16 drying cycles without cleaning.
  • Main bearing designed for 25,000 operating hours (At 30 hours per week this translates into 16 years of operation.)
  • Small footprint.
  • Easily fits under counter o stacked for closet placement.
  • Built to run load after load, all day long unlike residential machines which are built for a few loads per day.

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